The amazing work of Pauli Rautakorpi


Most of CPU dies are not bigger than our fingernails - but there's an entire world inside the die.

While changing the light angle, the die reflects a completely different color spectrum.


Something to enjoy.


The HARDWARECOP CPU MUSEUM is currently the only page on the internet that offers a clearly structured and user-friendly die photography section for you to explore. Even with GPUs and other unbelievable modern artworks!


x86 Architectures



8086/88, 80186, 80286, V30...



i386 DX, i386 SX, Am386...

4 Picture(s)


80486, 5x86

i486 D/SX , Cx486, U5, 5x86...

19 Picture(s)


Pentium, 5th Generation x86

P5, K5, 6x86, WinChip...

12 Picture(s)



8087, 80287, 80387...

9 Picture(s)


Modern x86 Processors

Athlon K7, P6, Cyrix III, GX...

6 Picture(s)

Non x86 Architectures


AMD Am29000

29000, 29030, 29040, 29050...

4 Picture(s)


DEC Architectures

PDP, VAX, Alpha...

13 Picture(s)



PA-7000 to PA-7300...

5 Picture(s)


Intel 80860/80960

i860 XP/XR, i960 CA/HD/KA...

7 Picture(s)


MIPS Architecture

R3000 to R5000, PIPER...

10 Picture(s)


Motorola Architectures

6800, 68000, 88000...

11 Picture(s)


PowerPC Architecture


2 Picture(s)


SPARC Architecture

Early SPARC to hyperSPARC...

16 Picture(s)

Vintage Architectures


AMD, Signetics, TI, Zilog...

12 Picture(s)


Other Architectures

Transputers, nCube...

6 Picture(s)

Other Microprocessors/Controllers

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

ATi, Matrox, Trident, HP...

10 Picture(s)


Microcontrollers (MCU)

8048, 8051, 8096, PIC

7 Picture(s)


Support Chips

8089, 8206/8, 82258, 82385...

10 Picture(s)