(Vintage) Non x86 Architecture Microprocessors

HP 1FC4-0001 2xFPU+GPU Die Shot by Pauli Rautakorpi.
HP 1FC4-0001 2xFPU+GPU Die Shot by Pauli Rautakorpi.


The original Intersil was founded in 1967. When microprocessors emerged to the market in the 1970s, Intersil participated with its 12-bit IM6100, which was the first microprocessor produced in CMOS technology and emulated the PDP-8 instruction set. In 1988 Intersil was taken over by Harris Semiconductor, which had offered the IM6100 as second source.

Intersil IM6100IDL

IM6100IDL Front View
IM6100IDL Back View
IM6100IDL Side View

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Monolithic Memories, Inc. produced bipolar PROMs, programmable logic devices, and logic circuits.
MMI was founded in 1969 by former Fairchild Semiconductor engineer Ze'ev Drori, later the President and CEO of Tesla Motors. In 1987, under the stewardship of President Irwin Federman, it was merged with AMD in a $442 million stock swap to become the world's largest IC manufacturer.

MMI 6701D

MMI 6701D Front View
MMI 6701D Back View
MMI 6701D Side View

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National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor was an American semiconductor manufacturer which specialized in analog devices and subsystems, formerly headquartered in Santa Clara, California, United States. The company produced power management integrated circuits, display drivers, audio and operational amplifiers, communication interface products and data conversion solutions. National's key markets included wireless handsets, displays and a variety of broad electronics markets, including medical, automotive, industrial and test and measurement applications.On September 23, 2011, the company formally became part of Texas Instruments as the "Silicon Valley" division.

National Semiconductor NS320XX

The 320xx or NS32000 was a series of microprocessors from National Semiconductor. They were likely the first 32-bit general-purpose microprocessors on the market, but due to a number of factors never managed to become a major player. The 320xx series was also used as the basis of the Swordfish microcontroller. It was replaced by the CompactRISC architecture in mid-1990.

National Semiconductor NS32532U-25

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Signetics was the first electronics manufacturer specifically established to make ICs. Founded in 1961, they went on to develop a number of early microprocessors and support chips. They were bought by Philips in 1975 and incorporated in Philips Semiconductors

Signetics 8X300

The 8X300 is a microprocessor produced and marketed by Signetics starting 1976 as a second source for the SMS 300 by Scientific Micro Systems, Inc. Although SMS developed the SMS 300 / 8X300 products, Signetics was the sole manufacturer of this product line. In 1978 Signetics purchased the rights to the SMS300 series and renamed the SMS300 to 8X300.

It was designed to be a fast microcontroller and signal processor, and because of this differs considerably from conventional NMOS logic microprocessors of the time. 

Signetics N8X300I

Signetics N8X300I Front View
Signetics N8X300I Back View
Signetics N8X300I Side View

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USSR (Электроника) KM1818BM01A

USSR (Электроника) KM1818BM01A Front View
USSR (Электроника) KM1818BM01A Back View
USSR (Электроника) KM1818BM01A Side View

Kindly donated by Pavel A. Zagrebin.

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Other Manufacturers

Cal-Tex CT-5001

Cal-Tex CT-5001 Front View
Cal-Tex CT-5001 Back View
Cal-Tex CT-5001 Side View

Vintage calculator IC. No specification found.