CPU Scrap Identification

What is worse than scrapping CPUs?

Well, to be honest, many things. But scrapping a part of the computer history that is irreversible is cruel and unscrupulous - and for collectors like me, it's one of the worst things. Day by day, hundreds of 486s and other beautiful, unique vintage CPUs end up with getting scrapped just for their material value which often is much less worth than the CPU itself as a collectible item.

You've probably looked for CPU scrap already, maybe on eBay, maybe somewhere else. But you'll notice that most of the photos were taken amateurish and don't help you if you want to buy a particular CPU, e.g. a 486 SX without SL enhancement.

I've written this article in order to give you a helping hand on targeted CPU scrap identification. Since I do not own every chip, I can't list every chip. The list will be expanded as soon as I get new variations! At the moment I only show 486 CPU scrap identification. Others will be added soon.

CPU Back Picture

Possible CPU

  • Intel i486 DX: 25, 33 MHz
  • SL-Enhancement: No


  • Intel i486 SX: 16, 20, 25, 33 MHz
  • SL-Enhancement: yes on 25 & 33 MHz

  • Intel i486 SX: 25, 33 MHz
  • SL-Enhancement: No


  • i487 SX, if an extra pin is on the CPU